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New Work Sneak Peek

It's funny how you can be moving on in your work and not even realize it. The look of my images has changed and I've begun documenting the more challenging aspects of motherhood. I'm working on a project statement and capturing more images for the series. Here are a few of the images.

Runaway, 2022

Suffers of Ambivalence, 2022

Arms Numb, 2023

Lonely Yet Never Alone, 2022

I decided to exhibit the image Mom's Never Alone at the 3rd Annual Community Members Invitational at RI Center For Photographic Arts in Providence, RI. I was excited to see the image printed and framed and enjoyed visiting with other artists and seeing new work. My longtime friend Krysten Gibb also exhibited an image in this show. Please go see the show if you can, it is up until February 10, 2023.


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