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Resume of a Stay at Home Mom

One in five American parents stay home after having children and I am one of the mothers who chose to be the stay-at-home-parent. In 2021 I received a copy of our tax returns in the mail and my occupation was written as “Houseperson”. Angered by that title and the emptiness I felt, I was fueled to create images that highlight the amount of work, skill, and dedication involved in the role of primary caregiver to my four children.


Using a tripod and remote, I documented my daily interactions with my family and these images became my series “Resume Of A Stay-At-Home Mom”. The images display ordinary moments that capture the solitude and sacrifice stay-at-home mothers experience and catalogue the myriad of skills used daily forcing people to re-evaluate their assumptions about the role. The process of choosing a title for each image that corresponds to a skill on a resume made me feel seen and valued in an often invisible and thankless role.

Manages Time Efficiently
Thrives In Wild Environments
Always Available
Facilitates Unstructured Activities
Recognizes Importance Of Mental And Physical Health
Actively Listens
Negotiates For Optimal Resolutions
Maintains A High Degree Of Involvement In Employees Well Being
Loves Unconditionally
Implements A Clean Up Protocol
Sacrifices Needs Daily
Cultivates Patience In Team Members
Excels in Effective and Positive Communication
Delegates Tasks Effectively
Leads Complex Processes
Recognizes Ambivalence
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