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Fear Is A Liar

Sticks and Branches at Wyoming Pond in Wyoming, Rhode Island

It’s easy to live in fear without knowing you are afraid.

Fear slowly builds a nest in your head, adding a twig of shame here and a stick of powerlessness over there. It doesn’t stop till you are that other version of yourself, the one hiding in the corner, curled up in a ball, alone.

Fear causes you to dumb down your beliefs and you get good at making excuses for your choices. Complaining becomes normal because you have a hard time experiencing any joy.

Fear causes you to question your relationships. Constantly wondering if you did something wrong. Always saying yes because you are afraid of disappointing someone.

Fear makes you build a wall, to protect yourself from anything remotely difficult. Failure is not an option so you try and control every outcome, never leaving room for creativity or spontaneity.

Fear causes you to compare yourself to others and envy them. Wishing you had their strength and discipline. Yearning for the body that looks good in that dress so and so has on. After all that comparison, you feel unworthy in the depths of your heart.

Fear consumes gratitude. It creates a dark cloud in your head, where all you can do is keep hustling and numbing yourself till none of "you" is left.

Fear is a liar.


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