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Developing A Growth Mindset When You Are Depressed

Fresh Blooms in Providence, Rhode Island

I was wandering around the other day by myself. And because I am rarely by myself I usually feel inspired. I am able to see the world around me without my mind talking to small humans and without thinking about all the stuff they need, and where we have to go next.

I noticed the new growth on this tree. I felt inspired and a sense of renewal. I thought about how every spring it feels like I grow new leaves too after a long bare cold winter.

We learned in homeschool that deciduous trees have to let go of their leaves every fall. They reabsorb some of the nutrients from the leaves and then they fall. The process of losing leaves is called abscission. Leaves won’t survive the cold harsh winter conditions so they have to fall.

I thought about me. Sometimes in order for new growth, I have to be stripped down to the bare minimum. I have to let go of the leaves I am trying to hold onto so tightly, that keep the real me from being exposed.

It’s much easier if we kept our same leaves forever and not go through this hard process. But we have to in order to evolve and mature.

New growth is an important part of life, growth gives us those lessons we can share with others and inspire others with. Growth gives us the pieces to the puzzle of life that we need in order to survive the next winter. Growth allows us to look back on all those leaves we lost and feel grateful because we wouldn’t be where we are without the process.

I got a little bit excited to see these blooms, because it’s been a long couple of weeks and the thought of renewal gave me hope. The thought of everything blooming around me and this whole new world of spring got me excited. Spring is on its way and I am feeling hopeful for new growth and a fresh perspective. I know the season of winter can be harsh but eventually so much good comes from it. We have to be patient and wait while looking for the little things in the process.

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